2 kilo of Kesselskramer

A unique book planned and designed entirely by the author—a brick-like volume weighing exactly 2 kilograms—encapsulates the company’s philosophy and distinctive flavor, as well as offers a physical pun on the name of the firm. It includes the works of the last ten years created by the agency, ranging from a collection of T-shirts, magazines, books, music videos, and advertising campaigns, to a documentary film about the world’s two lowest-ranking national soccer teams created just before World Cup 2002. A selection of the concepts and campaigns produced for such global clients as Diesel, Nike, and Heineken are included along with their self-published magazines, business card designs, and more. Taal Engels / Japans.
  • Serienummer 223
  • ISBN nummer 9784894444317
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  • Auteur diversen
  • Genre Non-fictie informatief
  • Uitgeverij Pie books
  • Uitgiftejaar 2005
  • Druk
  • Prijs€ 60.00